No happiness here. I even took an online class for happiness but failed, I would not choose this or wish it on anyone.


I have no happiness to report. Do you?

Sitting around listening to garbage music in order to block away thoughts and issues so I can function. I guess that is my drug of choice again for a while. Interestingly enough I have been aware of junk-culture for almost two decades now and why it works so well in this currently deranged world. It drugs down the problems, takes down the ability to concentrate and leaves very little time over to grasp reality as it is.

Escapism, as it is commonly called; be it reading books, watching TV or searching internet, talking nonsense or making useless plans, walking around in nightlife, walking the dog… Whatever. It is all the same useless nothing inside nothingness. These people, myself barely and at times faking it to be included in this, are in this world and we can rarely face any higher quality in…

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