Hahahaha -” trigger warnings are derimental to the learning experience”  

I was abandoned by my mother and father when I was three-years-old.  As if this alone wasn’t enough to fuck me up I was placed in a foster home with a pedophile for a father and a narcisistic speed abusing control freak.  But I survived and I moved on and lived my life.  I have PTSD but I have never used it to stop living.  I went to work everyday – since I never talked about it I did not request “trigger warnings”  

I am retired now so it’s different.  My schedule is not busy like it used to be. Some days I  know that I am ready to leave this beautiful planet and return to stardust.  I don’t have a plan or a method but if it happened I would be ok.  .  

AAUP Says ‘Trigger Warnings’ Threaten Academic Freedom – The Ticker – Blogs – The Chronicle of Higher Education


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