Question: Don’t you think we should pass laws to promote a culture of life and financially empower pregnant women to keep their babies?

Evangelical Answer: Well, laws can’t change people’s hearts. And it might be expensive.

Question: Shouldn’t we fight for laws that ban elective late-term abortions?

Evangelical Answer: Well, there will always be abortions as long as there is sin in this world. The solution is to change the hearts of individuals. When a person becomes a Christian, she won’t have abortions.

Question: Ok, but shouldn’t we establish community organizations and charities that support vulnerable women, promote life and adoption, and stand with women in difficult situations?

Evangelical Answer: I don’t see anything wrong with that, but that sounds like a lot of resources to invest in a minor problem. Are there abortionists out there? Sure, and there always will be. But I think the vast majority of Americans don’t think much about abortion and are excited to welcome new children into the world.

If White Evangelicals Treated Abortion Like Racism


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