Men are victims too.  Dozens of men report they were sexually abused in high school by rabbis at Yeshiva University High School For Boys.  The sexual abuse took place from the 1970’s – 1990’s.  This case was dismissed in court with the judge saying it has exceeded the statute of limitations, (SOL).  

In my case I discovered SOL in Missouri was 20 years.  But  I did not talk about my sexual abuse for twenty years when I sought help for nightmares, audio and visual hallucinations, overwhelming helplessness and utter dispair, bitterness, and suicidal ideation.  In therapy I learned that it was not unusual for victims to remain silent well into adulthood.  In group therapy with other survivors of childhood trauma I learned I was not alone and the effects of the abuse were highly subjective.   I wanted to press charges against my abusers twenty one years after leaving their home but when I talked to the prosecutor in Missouri I was told the SOL had expired the year before.  There should be no SOL for the abuse of a child, and no pardon for pedophiles.  

Log In – The New York Times


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