Feminism is literally like an abusive relationship. They literally won’t accept that no means no.

Ironically Jessica Valenti is against a nail polish that could help women avoid date rape drugs.

So yeah. She’s definitely fighting for everyone, isn’t she.

I call them the feminist lobby.  Look at how much power they have, they truly are a lobby and they wrote law to support their agenda. They didn’t just write a law – they made sweeping (sexist word) changes throughout the system.  They were given an enforcement and implementation budget of almost $2 Billion dollars.  They changed law enforcement procedure by ignoring the Bill of Rights and dictating Mandatory arrest without probable cause   And they were undeniably clear that the regardless of circumstance the woman is always the victim.  

They sat up safe houses for the victim across the country, and provided civil legal aid for the victim.  They provided counselling and support for the victim.  It was a tremendous success and by anyone’s standards and I applaud them.  Funny how a lobby wifh the mantra of equality blatently ignored the fact that men are victims too.  In fact in the majority of intimate partner violence episodes the perpetrators are women.  But they offered zero in services and/or support for men.  I will not call this equality.  

Given a chance to correct this deficit with reauthorization of the bill they chose to ignore it.  They have widened the net for women and tightened the noose for men.  New demographics for wpmen are immigrant women who are intimate partner violence  victims,  Native American women whose incedence of intimate partner violence and rape is staggering, and college campus’s.  Feminsit’s report that 1:5 women are victims of violent rape.  1 in 5?  Well they count verbal threats to rape as rape.  And don’t dare suggest women refrain from drinking – fefminists call it “blaming the victim”.  But I call it actfing like an adult.  

When I was younger I went to the bar to drink and dance.  And I did both.  I woke the next morning without any clothes in bed with “Tony” a man I knew but didn’t care for.  He was smiling away but I wasn’t happy.  I told him I needed to get home got dressed and got out of there.  I felt that Tony took advantage of the situation because if I had been sober I would have told to fuck off.  I told everybody I knew that Tony was an asshole but it never occurred to me to accuse him of rape.  

If a feminist had suggested that I was victim of a sexual assault  I would have responded “For fuck’s sake!”   I wasn’t naive,  I was a grown woman, and I have never let anyone tell me what to think.  I do not agree with this definition of rape.  To jeapordize a young man’s reputation, education, and freedom by declaring it a felony crime is wrong.  I do not recognize your authority and I am willing to state my position in a court of law.

 Rape is not a sex crime.  Rape is a crime of violence.  Getting drunk and screwing does not equal rape.  Equality is recognizing men and women as biological animals who get together once in a while.  A man who is drinking is no more capable of rational behavior than a drinking woman is of forming consent.  


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