Advice to all college men – swear off all college women.  If you are questioned by administration or the police do not answer any questions without an attorney present.  If a college woman accuses a college man of stalking, intimatte partner violence, sexual harrassment or rape the college must take immediate action and the police department recieves grant money to “encourage arrest”.  College women are not worth all of this trouble.  You risk suspension, being expelled, arrest, and imprisonment.  A sex offender label is for life.  This new law is brought to us by the feminist lobby as an extension to the domestic violence law.  The feminist lobby is a powerful man hating machine that teaches women they are oppressed by men and victims of the rape culture.  Women are not expected to be responsible for their own behavior.  If a man says he had consensual sex but the woman says she was raped you will be arrested without probable cause and prosecuted in gross violation of our rights.  

Fourth Ammendment – Protection from unreasonable search and seizure.
Fifth Ammendment – Due Process, Double Jeopardy, Self-Incrimination, Private Property
Eighth Ammendment – Prohibition of Excessive Bail as well as Cruel and Unusual Punishment
Ninth Ammendment – Protection of Rights not specifically enumerated in the Bill of Rights
Tenth Ammendment – Power of States and People 

Newspaper editorial: New campus sexual assault bill ‘turns the Bill of Rights upside down’ | Mobile Washington Examiner


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