Analysis: Ferguson Exposes Cultural Misperceptions
I know that racism is alive in well in ‘Merica. We still have the KKK still attracts members, and the imprisonment of black men at unprecedented rates. Even so I was astounded by the blatently racist comments on social media news reports.

I am white and I grew up in a segregated town. I didn’t know many black people but I did know a few and I we had things in common. We would listen to Motown records on the HIFi and choreograph dance moves ogether. MLK gave me goosebumps when he gave a speech on television, and I spoke up when the clerk used the “n” word to ask he black man ahead of me for his money. I still have a hard time hearing it and ir is still prevelant today.

I remember when President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act and how I felt heard by the government. Anyone should be able to get a drink of water. Even so there were stores that refused to comply with the law and it wasn’t until my own children went to school that I finally saw a generation that thought it was ridiculous to reject someone based on the color of their skin.

It’s been 50 years and here we are again. I’m not sure we’ve made much progress but I have hope. Evolution is a slow process and apes will always be with us. I hope they become smaller in number.


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