Eternal War – Drugs & Terror

Lyrics to Eternal War

Pfizer and Merck kill more of us
Than the cartels crap ever could
They thank us for our silence
Each year;s a hundred billion dollars
And the chance to do it forever more
Drugs…the first eternal war
Cut me loose
Set me free
Judge what I do
Not what’s inside of me
Why do you pick my pocket?
Just let me light my rocket
Who made you the boss of me?
Get out of my life.. let me be
If they stop Afghanistan from growing opium
And they cut down the Columbian cocaine
When Mexico runs out of marijuana
They think we’ll quit getting high
But Walgreens is always standing by
– Repeat Chorus –
Are we just peasants in the field
Let’s stand for truth or forever kneel
Every 16 seconds we hear the slamming door
And we owe it all to eternal war
.. The first eternal war


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